Anost Sinker

This items are user friendly in deepwater.
You can use this items to reach places you couldn’t enter before.
Head is like a screw shape.
Never come out sinker from bait,even if you throw it with strongly.

Anost Sinker TG

This sinkers are football shapes and tungsten materials.
Football shape head is bring out goodeness action,because this is good posture on botooms.

Anost Sinker SKP

SKP stands for Skipping.
Centrifugal force often causes the nail sinker to fall out of the baits when nekorig skip into the cover.
But,screw shape of Anostsinker SKP is useful.

Anost Sinker FTB

FTB is stands for Football.
You can use this sinker bring out goodness action.
And good value for money.


Anost Tube

This items can only settings for Anostraight and Anoslider only.
You can use appropriate tube size,you don’t have to roast with heat.
Setting list is under this page.